Curran_MichaelaHello! I’m Michaela, and I’m about to finish my Ph. D. in Sociology from the University of California, Riverside. My dissertation is a cross-national, quantitative study of how income inequality and country-level resources impact health across different levels of economic development, at the country-level and the individual-level. For more details about my research, please see the link at the top.

Before I started graduate school, I worked in the technology sector. When I’m not writing or doing research, my hobbies include building electronics projects, playing around with my computer, and gaming (table-top and video). Occasionally, I can be seen at conventions (e.g., Blizzcon, AnimeExpo, etc.), sometimes in costume, sometimes not.  I’m also a (very out-of-practice) violinist.  I enjoy museums of all kinds. I love learning new things, so I’m always trying to pick up new languages (both actual languages and computer languages).